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The Enchanted Walk.

When I picture Francis the age he is now I always think of baggy knitted jumpers, wellie boots, and wispy blonde hair.
At this moment he is my little shadow asking me what why and how, my little mate who cuddles me with sincerity, holds my hand for security but is just starting to explore and develop his own ways. His personality is really forming into its own which is so lovely to see.
The photo’s that were taken by the extremely talented Gemma at Peaseblossom Photography captured exactly these things.
When I look back in years to come it is these pictures that will hold such fond memories of this time in Francis’s life.


That little twinkle in his eyes when he spots a pile of conkers on the ground, unsure of what they are he looks at me full of intrigue. I explain the best I can and with every word he trusts, holding onto to this new information he runs with a spring in his step a little hop that tells me he is content.
We walk together and talk about the tall trees, his silence confirms he is taking it all in and processing all the questions he will ask me.
He hugs me as if to say thanks – I am not sure what for but that is what it felt like a thank you hug.
The air is slightly cold but not cold enough for coat weather so our autumn inspired jumpers were the perfect choice, and conveniently suit the mood of the photoshoot.
Francis looks out onto the vast landscape I capture his expressions as if I am taking my own pictures to keep for myself.
Running ahead Francis sings ‘Mary had a little lamb’ at the top of his lungs. There is a freedom in his voice a confidence I don’t always get to see. And just like that I recognised my son, it was like his personality had burst out as I was watching from afar. This was Francis the whole outdoorsy’ thing the trees the space the simplicity and he couldn’t be happier.

Francis’s Jumper: Zara
Wellies: John Lewis

My Jumper: Topshop
Shoes: New Look


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3 responses to “The Enchanted Walk.”

  1. Danielle says:

    Such great memories to have. And beautiful photos. Plus a handsome duo! 🙂

  2. HappyFamily says:

    So cute. Love the boots

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