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Life can wait.

A week filled with juggling acts, days filled with broken routine and promises that can’t be kept. I am not so fond of these busy weeks.

Every where I look there are small reminders of jobs I need to get done. My bedroom being one of them as it currently resembles a small prison with its chipped grey walls and unfinished decorating!

When the evening comes and dinners have been prepared, I shoot off to work and leave behind the long list of jobs in hope that tomorrow will be the day I tick them off – doubtful.

But sometimes these jobs and arduous tasks need little attention and can be swept under the carpet with the rest of the dust piles, because life doesn’t always wait and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that when life gets hectic we rediscover our love for the great outdoors.

Francis enjoyed feeding the horses that roam freely on the vast green landscape, he likes to run down the hills with gentle drops his little legs trying to keep up.
And me.. I just enjoy not being surrounded by washing!

Other things we do to break away from the routine of life –

Go to our favorite coffee shop (they have the very best selection in raw cakes and treats)

Outdoor eating. Even in this nippy Autumn weather.

Take the train to somewhere we haven’t been before, armed with snacks camera and various toys.

Francis is wearing clothes from Zara



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