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I am no stranger to a baggy outfit and with summer teasing us this weekend with the glorious weather, there was no better time for me to wear my new dress.

At 19 weeks pregnant baggy is an even more important tick box when purchasing clothes, although pre pregnancy was no exception either.

Being as short as I am it is difficult to get the balance right and avoid looking like I am drowning in material so it is slightly harder to find the perfect length and cut.

The dress I am wearing here is from Urban Outfitters

The long sleeves elongate my short frame slightly, giving the dress a sense of effortless elegance and chic.

For me it is great because it is comfortable which is what you need with everyday pregnancy style. The best part is I don’t feel ‘mumsy’ in it I feel me – which is a bonus considering most of the time I am a hormonal mess who complains about most of my outfits.



The yellow sandals which are also from urban outfitters (I can’t find them online so they might be in store only)  break the outfit up adding  a bit of colour without being over the top.

Sun glasses are also Urban Outfitters





This was such a good find – at £12 in the sale (urban outfitters) I couldn’t resist. It doesn’t matter how big I get in this pregnancy this top allows plenty of room for my growing tummy.



A little taste of summer goes a long way it somehow leaves me with a great excuse to treat myself.

Sure I will have some pregnancy wardrobe errors coming up as I get bigger but for now I am going to enjoy feeling positive.



If anyone has any maternity clothes advice or style tips please send them my way.




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  1. Danielle says:

    Looks good! I’m 18 weeks – how cool. 🙂 I am just wearing my maternity clothes from last time – all tighter fitting things because 1) I don’t feel as comfortable wearing this type of thing while not pregnant, and 2) I find if it’s baggy I look like I’m wearing a mumu. You, on the other hand, are much more fashionable. I should take tips from you!

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy 🙂

      I don’t know about you but I am finding this trimester a lot easier.

      Asos have a great maternity selection casual, smart and evening wear they’ve got it all 😀

      All the best for you and your growing baby.
      Thank you for stopping by xx

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