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Finding My Confidence.

With a keen sense of motivation being the driving force behind my daily life, I begin to welcome the more pleasant stage of pregnancy.

At 20 weeks my sickness has calmed and thankfully my hormones have settled slightly. A sense of uncertainty plagues my deepest thoughts which can often keep me up at night, but I expected this as I am usually an anxious anyway.

So apart from the restless nights things are going pretty well at the moment.

With my body constantly changing  it can be difficult to feel good about myself at times. This pregnancy has surprised me with bigger boobs and generally bigger everything, of course this is great as everything is doing what it should be for my growing baby.

As well as trying to find appropriate clothes to cater for this new body of mine I have also decided to change my hair along with my makeup – why not ey!

For me this is part of the journey  moving away from my norm and using this time positively doing my best to embrace these unfamiliar changes.

I don’t usually have the time to experiment with make up which is why I stick with the basics.

On the rare occasion I have had the time to spend getting creative with my makeup I chose to stay pretty close to my comfort zone with just subtle differences.

I am usually a nude lip kind of girl and often have a shimmer – I have moved away from that with a bolder look which I think compliments the lighter shades in my hair.

I use a MAC Matte Lipstick ‘Whirl A16’ Not only is it easy to apply but it is possibly the best in terms of staying on which is a bonus for me as I am too lazy to keep touching up.

My foundation is an old favorite which I go back to rediscovering its best features – the coverage, the slight glow and the flawless finish (without being cakey) This is a

Nars Sheer Glow – Mont Blanc. 

I like to apply a little more colour to my face with the warmer weather and this Mac ‘All The Right Angles’ Countour Palette is great. It is compact with a little mirror and a cream highlighter which I love. I am not usually a Mac fan but this was a birthday present I will certainly be getting this again.

Eyebrows are in a bad way and in need of attention but right now I like to pretend I like the bold busy eyebrow look to tame them and make them less of a feature I use Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’ 

My eyelashes drive me mad and tend to go in different directions with a mind of their own fortunately I have found a mascara that not only lengthens my lashes but gives them some volume as well without being too clumpy. Bourjois  ‘Volume Glamour Max’ is a new favorite that will be a regular purchase for my make up collection.



I may not always get to dress up or wear lots of make up but when I do I feel so much happier in myself.

What makes you feel good about yourself?

What ever it is don’t stop doing it 🙂 x




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