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Searching For Adventure.

Chasing inspiration and finding freedom again was our challenge. We accepted with open arms, eager to remove ourselves from the normal routine I had carefully put in place each week.

I felt as if my mind was trapped like there was no air in my space I was just breathing recycled air and staying afloat on top of everything – safe.

I craved to be reconnected with motherhood I knew a part of me was just getting by existing as a parent, but just missing the beauty that was neglected in some way.

With this positive mood being the driving force behind my motivation I packed up a bag filled with every snack I could find in the cupboards. Along with spare clothes for scamp just in case, a toy bag just in case and a map Francis had made of the adventure we were going to have.

When we arrived at the train station Francis was already excited which made me hopeful for our day. We decided to get the train to a place called Bosham.

I had been there before but only passing so I was intrigued to do some exploring.

There was a long walk from the station and with me having no map reading skills or general sense of direction I may have got us a little lost, but this was all in the spirit of adventure.

Tired legs desperate for a sit down and a toddler trying to escape from the straps of his buggy I found somewhere for us to sit for a while.

For the next few hours we paddled in a near by stream played hide and seek in the vast space around us and took in the views. If I wasn’t so preoccupied with stopping Francis from jumping in the stream I would have closed my eyes and let out a big sigh of relief as I knew this was exactly what we needed.

The best part of my day was letting go of that uptight feeling that had become so normal in my parenting. My attention was focused when Francis repeatedly asked me to ‘Look Mummy look’ rather than nodding like a crazy woman pretending to listen. He was so excited to show me what he could see and I was more than happy to give him all of my time not just snippets.

Today was peaceful, inspiring and most of all today gave me chance to remember the simplicity of motherhood.

Today wasn’t about the place we visited but more the place we left.

If you want to see a small video from today head over to my YouTube Channel for my latest upload. ‘Stepping outside our comfort zone in search of inspiration’




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