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The Sea Keeps My Deepest Secrets.


We come to the sea when things are bad or when decisions need to be made, sometimes we come after an argument in hope the worries will be tucked under the waves.

This evening was different. I suggested a late sea walk but not because there was an atmosphere that needed to be cleared but because I wanted to reconnect with my family bump included.

I have mentioned before that this pregnancy has almost been forgotten about, of course this is not intentional just that we are caught up in the chaos of the day to day.

Gentle waves covered our feet as we looked out to sea. Francis was unusually quiet, I watched the expressions changing across his face, shifting as his own internal monologue continues.

My baby was here too I could feel them in the motion of our simplicity, making a comfortable appearance as if they had always been there.
A thought to the baby I lost was given to the sea for keep sake and I imagined the waves collecting my thoughts and saving them for future visits.

From now our visits to the sea are not always to unburden the negatives but to recharge and be mindful.



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  1. Mamaofcubs says:

    Such a lovely read! ❤

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