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How do you prepare your three year old for the arrival of a new baby?

When Francis declared his feelings to me regarding the arrival of his baby brother/sister, I wasn’t at all surprised just slightly worried about his sudden change of mood.

Ignoring his behavior meant it only got worse and his disconnection from me became a big open space I was unfamiliar with.
He is three years old this is not normal surely? I thought to myself when he got upset with me during a shopping trip for baby items.
It was as if he disliked me somehow that his insecurities forced him to distance himself.

I didn’t have any tricks up my sleeve or acts of bribery to soften the mood so instead we went for a long walk in the hope I can reassure him.

There was no pressure on the topic of conversation but we somehow leaped into the subject without much thought. A build up of curiosity came out in the form of sentences and toddler-isms, I listened and watched as his little expressions mirrored his emotions directing me to the route of his feelings.

Three year old’s are not as daft as I thought and although having a discussion with one is lighthearted and at times completely off the wall, I discovered a side to Francis I was completely unaware of a sensitive side away from all the poo talk.

So I sat down in the field we had been walking through and pulled him down on my lap, he wiggled around trying the break free from my own special moment.

‘Francis I love you that will never change’

I said as quickly as I could to ensure he would take it in.

He escaped the grip of my hands and ran through the yellow corn, I sat and watched him waving tall pieces of grass around pretending he was fighting.

Running back to me he handed me a big piece of dried mud ‘here you go mummy this bit looks like a big fat poo’

And there it was my son in his element distracted by poo and play fighting with grass.
It will be alright I thought to myself smiling at the situation Francis will be just fine.

Love is all you need.




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