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Autumn Dreaming.

The leaves of summer have begun to fall. I welcome this change as I look to embrace my favourite season of all.

An evening stroll is paramount if we want to catch that sleepy sunlight perfectly complimenting the new colours. An ideal time to take photo’s of Francis as he poses proudly in his new clothes, and of course the opportunity to grab family time is equally as important as we have all had a rough week.

The picture taking takes shape in the form of crouching down to get those tactful ‘arty’ shots the ones that look effortless but take the most time. Francis however, is  too interested in stamping on leaves so I give up after a few shots and enjoy the rest of the evening setting.

The irregular noise of the breeze trapped in the branches not quite howling but enough to feel it’s gentle current, a peculiar peace surrounding us  as if we are the only ones there. The silence soon broken with toddler sounds freeing me from my daydream.

The muddled patterns of fallen leaves make for the perfect play area and allows me to stand back and watch Francis release all of that energy. The whole time I am imagining the ease of the nighttime routine if we manage to tire the little pickle out!

Grey tinted clouds cover the sky and the slight chill is enough to force us to wear our coats. Like an over excited child I feel myself smiling at the sheer thought of Autumn.

I hear the weather is taking a warmer turn for the rest of the week which strangely displeases me, perhaps all this autumnal dreaming is wishful thinking but I can’t help but fantasise over those heavy knits, pumpkin spice and burnt orange shades.

For now I am happy with my little autumn teaser, I will put the pumpkin carving and crumble baking on hold.


Click the link to view the yellow coat featured in the post –  Francis’s Coat

Click here to view raglan top featured in post – Raglan Top




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