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I am OK.

Slumped. Hands covering tired eyes. Muddled mind cluttered with no order.

Tired eyes.

Hands clutching cold tea in my favourite mug.

Baby sounds cooing gentle and soft.

My favourite cardigan over worn loved.

Plastic toys.

Sleepy heads resting on my shoulders – their safe place my happiness.

Tiptoe tiptoe don’t wake the babes.

Kisses on my forehead.

Content and warm.

Cries in the night a bed full of warm bodies laying beside each other drifting in and out of sleep.

We are OK

Take me on an adventure I ask with open space in my mind.


Our favourite beach it is with a blanket of soft white sand to walk on.

Bonny baby in his chunky knits. Smiley baby, happy baby.


DSC02974.JPGLittle toes covered in sand and hands digging for shells.

We play, we laugh, we hold hands

Wiping sticky ice cream from his sunkissed face, a crumpled tissue will do.

Sleepy eyes, it’s time to go the wind is getting cold.





Night time habits start again, my babies need a bath.

Kissy heads and sofa cuddles

We’ve been here before …..


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  1. fmik says:

    you have a way with words hannah. lovely post x

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