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The Flower Collector

Her eyes were smiling, I could tell by the creases in her face. She cradled the flowers in her arm much like how you hold a tiny baby. With her head slightly tilted still looking at the delicate blooms she thanked me. I nodded and ran off knowing that I had done a good deed. 



Picking wildflowers has always been a tradition in my family, we were lucky enough to live near plenty of fields boasting miles of long grass and unusual flowers. I loved seeing  clusters of pastel coloured blooms like a  floral chaos the imperfections were somehow beautiful.

bloomon11bllomon 12

A hunter of wildflowers, a collector of happiness finding joy hidden amongst the nettles and fallen leaves. 

With the intention of topping up the last of my Bloomon bouquet (which had lasted a long time already) with flowers from the field, the boys and I went to see what we could find.

We walked for a while, no questions were asked and I was OK with that.

I filled my ears with the noise around me hoping it would drown out the distant sound of traffic. We noticed the cow parsley and over grown shrubs displayed beautifully under the dusk sky.

I wondered if there was a place for cow parsley or if it was forgotten lost behind thistles overshadowed by dainty petals.

I thought about my Mum and the jam jars filled with flowers in our old house I saw her trimming the long tatty stems in my mind remembering how she silently appreciated our gesture with a subtle smile that lifted her cheeks closer to her eyes making them smaller in appearance.

I remember that smile.



I am falling for the simple things like gestures and nature, holding hands and winter sun. I am falling for a language going beyond the spoken word 


I felt just like my mum did when my own little flower collector presented me with the flowers he found. My hands hovered over the tops of the buds noticing how the light passed through the petals like tracing paper.

‘Here you are mummy’

blooon7IMG_1121 (1).jpg

She collected things that made her happy, colourful things and things your hands can’t hold like the smile exchanged from one person to another. 

We returned home just before the glowing light of the evening faded, before the tips of our noses were too cold.

Appreciating the warmth of our house when we came in our sofa crowded with cushions seemed like the perfect place to get comfy on so we snuggled under blankets.  Francis laid his head in my lap whilst Wilbur busied himself with the selection of abandoned toys left from our morning of play.

Two tired boys unwinding for the day.

I looked over at our dining room table, the big glass vase filled with a beautiful bunch of flowers. A center piece pleasing to the eye and making the rest of the room feel brighter without trying too hard. The mess and clutter still remained as it always does in our busy house but the flowers softened the disarray.


Do the things you love, the things that warm your heart and feed soul. Treat yourself occasionally and notice how it feels.


She continued to collect the things that made her happy.



If like me you love flowers and want to fill your home with beautiful unique bouquets I recommend Bloomon who were kind enough to send me these flowers. They are delivered to your door in a tall box to keep them safe from damage, and kept fresh to ensure they are long lasting. They will be sure to impress anyone in fact a few friends complemented them as they walked through my living room, which makes a nice change from me fretting about the mess in my home.

I have a code for you which will get you a free hand blown glass vase worth £25 with your first delivery –



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My photos are taken by Gemma Butterworth

Click the link to go straight to her Instragram page where you will find her wonderful work. I am always grateful for her help and support without her my words would struggle to flow.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog – I truly hope you enjoy xx




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  1. Hannah, this is so beautiful. You write so amazingly and the images are just stunning 😍💖

  2. Amber says:

    Everything about this is so beautiful, Hannah – your words, the images. It all takes my breath away!

    • ordinaryhannahlucy says:

      Thank you so much, I haven’t been able to write for a while now as I have lost that inspiration it means a lot that this is still being read <3 Thank you xxx

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