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My name is Hannah Lucy, mother to my beautiful boy Francis and baby number two on the way.

I have been writing this blog since my first pregnancy journey began, using it as a way to fill a creative void and reach out to like minded people.

Since then I have discovered a real passion for writing on a creative level, attempting to capture snippets of our life’s in the form of descriptive posts and photographs.

With my love of fashion taking a short break whilst I adapt to motherhood, there are not so many style updates here on my blog this is however something I am working on and would like to include as a regular feature on my blog.

I have recently started a YouTube channel this is mainly Vlogs (day in the life) and some rather amusing toddler chats featuring my uncensored poo obsessed three year old! I upload every Wednesday and would love to hear what you think – to be directed to my page just click the YouTube symbol on my blog page where you will also find my Twitter and Instagram.



Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read/comment and share the love it really does mean a lot to me.


Lots of love as always xx


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